We all enjoy the wonderful local music scene that these musicians create, so please help us to help them! 

Between now and May 17th, Harrison Country will send a CD or a digital download of our album Climate Change to anyone who makes a donation of $15 or more to AMFM (Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians). Once you have made the donation, just email us at don@harrisoncountry.com and we will send you the album. 

Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians (AMFM) is a non-profit organization created to provide temporary financial relief to professional Annapolis musicians who cannot work due to sickness, injury, or other circumstances leaving them unable to perform. 

Harrison Country is an Arnold, Md. based family singing group featuring Don, Karen and Amy Harrison, Jennie Harrison Young and Lexi White. The album is an eclectic twelve-tune collection of original country, blues and rock. It was produced by local headliner Bryan Ewald, and features Anne Arundel County stalwarts Josh Chapman, Larry Byrne, Brandon Bartlett, Brad Kimes and Aidan Ewald. 

“The Harrison family aka Harrison Country have delivered a debut album that features harmonies that are out of this world. Climate Change is one of our favorite debuts this year, and will remain one of the best family bands we have ever reviewed. We like this one from start to finish.” LA Music Critic 

“This album is like a family musical house except every single room is decorated uniquely. As your ears open each door, you will find blues-rock, country, folk and Americana; you will find love songs and foot-stomping bluegrass barn-dance songs; you will laugh and you will cry. This is one great album.” Please Pass the Indie

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