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Laugh a little, cry a little, think a little, get the groove and sing along. That’s what you’ll do when you take a trip to Harrison Country. You might find yourself out with the girls on Saturday night, hoping all those Mr. Wrongs will finally turn into Mr. Rights. Or laughing with a dad as he tries to referee the never-ending insult contest between his two teenage daughters. You’ll meet a man who can’t believe that the key to a woman’s heart is her nail-polish color, and a woman who wishes that all her dreams hadn’t come true. You might find yourself in a small town church, singing along in a Nashville honky-tonk, strutting down Bourbon St. or watching a musical comedy on Broadway. And no matter where you end up, you'll never be too far from the Chesapeake Bay and its winding tributaries.

With Climate Change, their debut album, the Harrison family – Don, Karen, Jennie and Amy – backed by the stellar musicianship and arrangements of Bryan Ewald and Alexandra White, draw on the richest traditions of American popular music to bring you a unique sound that can only be heard in one place – Harrison Country.

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