Social distancing be damned, the music must be made! Harrison Country’s new album, Keeper of the Past, is rolling down the assembly lines at The Elsewhere Room and The Frozen Hole. (Please, don’t raise the alarm bells about sharing microphones and keyboards! Thanks to the wonders of the digital age, Bryan Ewald, Lexi White and I are collaborating from separate zip codes, which I believe is covered in Section 7, Subsection a, Paragraph 63 of the Governor’s Stay at Home Order.) 

You know the album is going to be quite an adventure when the cover features one of the dapper lead singers sporting a diaper! 

The seventeen story-songs will carry you from the steeples of 17th Century Lancashire, England to a future waiting line at the Pearly Gates, with stops along the way on a Chesapeake Bay steamboat, in the tobacco fields of Southern MD, the plains of Oklahoma and the cool waters of the Little Big Horn. We’ll honor Chuck Thompson, Johnny Unitas, Willie Mays and Frank Sinatra, and spit on the memories of Carrie Nation and Herbert Hoover. You’ll find fornication and forgiveness, betrayal and the best of friendship. There is no whining or teenage angst in Keeper of the Past; the men and women take their lumps and do the best they can in our imperfect world. Even when the stories are set today, the old truths stand tall in the shifting tides of current fashion. 

As always in Harrison Country, there will be plenty of laughter, a few tears, and hopefully, some moments to pause and reflect.

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