Our album Climate Change keeps rockin’ along!  'Shadow Games,' a single from the album, has been selected for WNIR National Indie Radio’s “Lions and Lambs’ Rock Special,” airing every evening from 7:30-8:30 at https://www.wnir-radio.com/ 

This song was the last one written for the album and is one of my favorites.  Lexi and I share lead vocals and Aidan kills the drums.  When you listen make sure you have your air guitar ready and amped.  Bryan’s guitar work will wear you out! 

I wrote it in the fall of 2016, while driving home from the cloistered, university-town atmosphere of Charlottesville past the Civil War battlefields of The Wilderness, Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg, thinking about the Harrisons who came before me. 

Please Pass the Indie has written an insightful and enthusiastic review, linking the song’s message to our current tribulations: 

“Shadow Games arrives at a perfectly crucial time in the world, where those of us who once thought ourselves safe and immune in Western society are now faced with challenges.  Harrison Country shows us that while we have our challenges in the world today, our ancestors were fighting much greater dangers . . . . Shadow Games is undeniably catchy and smooth, allowing its upbeat mood to create a fitting sense of false safety.  If Harrison Country gets the credit this song deserves, Shadow Games will be on top of the Americana charts in no time.” 

You can hear the whole album at https://harrisoncountry.com/disco  It’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music. 

Thanks for listening!

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