1. Montana
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I passed you drifting down our hometown's Main almost twenty years to the day you
disappeared like a bird in a gone-west wind
you wove yourself a wished-for world, my mother had warned me your hippie girl,
she can’t love the old time hymns

You traded me for Montana, my cozy fire for the lure of the open sky,
there was greener grass in Montana, the snow-draped peaks so close to the Divine
did you ever find Montana

I looked away couldn’t bear the sight of twenty years of getting high
living on God knows what God knows where
I tried to find something cruel to say, but a memory washed the thought away,
the gone lemon fragrance of your raven hair

You traded me for Montana, your steady Joe for the fancies of forgotten poems,
there were pure streams in Montana, you’d chase your demons away in their cleansing cold did you ever go to Montana

It’s funny that I booked this trip before you and I passed,
to fish the mirror pools of the Greasy Grass

I’m wading alone in Montana, my feathered fly drifting to a rainbow’s rise,
there’s a bird over me in Montana, chasing olive duns, gracing a cerulean sky
I wish that little bird was you, flying by my side, in Montana, in Montana

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