1. Laugh Again

From the recording Climate Change

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He was that gap-toothed boy in the back of class ringleader of those clowns sure to finish last, I was homecoming queen set to graduate third in class

I never thought he was funny just a fool with no money but

then one day that boy he made me laugh

Daddy almost refused to give me away said that dog won’t hunt he’ll never earn his pay but I knew better and I married him any way

that boy he hit the ground running had to prove he was something but

then one day the laughter died away, oh make me

Laugh again pick me roadside dandelions turn ‘em into awful wine call it

Cabernet Divine, so we can remember when we ate grits and eggs for supper and had

nothing but each other and that old truck of your brother’s

oh make me laugh again He took that

One old truck and built himself a fleet hauling stuff all over the Chesapeake

hustling busting it seven days a week that boy he

kept on running and he proved he was something but that

gap-toothed smile got lost along the way oh make me

Laugh again sing Falsetto Prison Blues like a guy named Johnny Sue make it

seem like it’s still new so we can remember when we went tubing down the rapids chasing ducks with all our laughing Sundays on the Rappahanock

oh make me laugh again

A silly little girl a silly little girl once wished upon a star once wished upon a star

a house with white columns and a Cadillac car a

long green lawn a long green lawn mint julips in the shade mint julips in the shade

Time on her hands a nanny and a maid Oh make me laugh Oh make me

Laugh again make the tears roll down my cheeks make it

last ‘til I can’t breath make the loneliness recede so we can remember when

we got a loan and a building lot thought we’d made it to the top and the

laughter would never ever stop

Oh make me laugh oh make me laugh again

Don Harrison and Bryan Ewald

Copyright 2017 Never Can Tell Music LLC

©Harrison Country