I just wanted to assure all of you who have listened to' Pick Your Poison' that Karen and I are not divorced, and that I have not had a blind date since the week before I met her in 1977! 

The backstory: I sent my friend Phil Vendemmia a copy of the song a couple weeks ago. Jennie’s and Amy’s memberships at Phil’s yoga studios (Yoga Factory and Annapolis Power Yoga) were the inspiration for the end of the song. I hadn’t spoken to Phil in quite some time, and when he called me the first words out of his mouth were, “So . . . give me an update on your marital status.” I assured him that we were still married, and then tore my rotator cuff patting myself on the back for making the song so damn convincing! 

The song has resonated with a lot of men because they’ve all had some version of this experience. Her: “Honey, do you think this nail polish goes with this outfit?” Him: “Huh?” 

My response is usually a bit more sophisticated: “Over the years, I’ve heard thousands of men’s conversations about women’s looks. They’re ranged from mildly titillating to full-bore Trumpian, but never once have I heard ‘Man, would you check out that nail polish on her!’ Hard to believe, but it's true." 

BTW, Phil informs me that if you’re looking for the real key to a woman’s heart, couples’ yoga classes seem to be working very well now, and would make an excellent Christmas present. 

Don Harrison

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